Northern Ireland Fell Running Association

The Northern Ireland Fell Running Association is associated with all mountain running, fell running and hill running activity in the Northern Ireland region. It's an organisation which is run by volunteers in a bid to bring on the sport and develop a national task force to encourage more participation. Fell running isn't a new sport nor is it restricted to Northern Ireland or the UK. People of all ages and backgrounds, countries and regions can be seen partaking in countrywide and international races, running up mountain peaks and down again, traversing hills and generally having a great time.

There are two aspects of the sport and several different levels of activity. There are people who simply take part because it is fun and others choose to take great glory in competing against fellow fell runners in a bid to become a champion on various courses around the world. One such competitive aspect of fell running, which members of the Northern Ireland Fell Running Association take part in on a yearly basis, is the British Open Fell Runners Association. These take in a variety of scenic and mountainous and hilly routes across the UK, for which you can earn points for timed finishes.

Being a member of any mountain or fell running association can bring you benefits. To join NIFRA you need only pay a few pounds for registration. In the main fell running is free but you do need to have specialist footwear and clothing to ensure you are dressed appropriately for the regions you are running in, as well as ensure footwear keeps your feet healthy and in good shape.

Membership of the Northern Ireland Fell Running Association brings several benefits, some of which are, a 15% Discount on purchases with Cotswold Outdoor both on the high street and online. A yearly NIFRA newsletter and fixture list with entry into the NIFRA Championship. In return the association runs a variety of national activities such as the NIFRA Championship which allocates money prizes. It also helps organises a national fell running team for participation in international events and provides race safety packs including radios, survival bags and first aid equipment.

  • Hiking Holidays

    There are few experiences which feel as adventurous as a trip in the great outdoors, whether that be a hiking trip through the Scottish highlands or the rocky mountains, an eco tourism trip through the Amazon.

  • Following a Fitness Program

    Following fitness programs can be difficult, but if you've managed to keep it up for a while it can also become pretty boring too, so activities like fell running can help you to maintain your fitness while actually doing so in an interesting environment which you're not likely to get bored of quickly.

  • Activities to Stay Healthy

    It can be difficult, keeping healthy, and has become increasingly so over the last few decades as job positions have become less active. Finding activities which are fun and engaging, which also offer people the chance to get active and remain healthy is great, and fell running is just one example of this.


Within this website you will find an unofficial base of NIFRA activity, following the success and members of the Northern Ireland Fell Running Association. Bringing you a wealth of information on how to benefit most from the sport of mountain running and the various competitions you can enter - both in Northern Ireland further afield.